Local companies could bring new jobs to area

WILMINGTON — Two local companies could bring nearly one-thousand new jobs to the area. New Hanover County commissioner Nancy Pritchett says negotiations are still in the talking stages, but the county is offering $13 million in incentives to GE-Hitachi and Invista to expand.

The offer would add 900 jobs to GE’s Castle Hayne Plant, as well as $10 million in exchange for investing $900 million.

The Invista plant would gain 50 new jobs along with $3 million for investing $200 million.

Pritchett said, “These will be good jobs. These will be people, most of the hires will be from the local community. People will need to prepare for those jobs; they’re not going to be something you can walk into. But you’ve got time to get ready for a very nice job that will keep you for a long time.”

Negotiations can’t be completed until a public hearing in October.

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