Local town celebrates post office’s centennial

The town of Chadbourn has reason to celebrate. The town’s post office just had it’s 100th birthday.

The Chadbourn post office opened long before 1909, but it didn’t officially become part of the United States Postal Service until President William Howard Taft gave it his stamp of approval.

As the only post office in town, many say it is more than a place to get their mail.

Local historian Jimmie Sue Ward says “it’s a popular place, you just see lots of people everyday.”

Post office employee Cathy Green agrees.

“Working in the post office with everybody, it’s a good community effort. It’s a good community of people.”

The original 1909 document making the post office part of the USPS was discovered in a storage unit in Missouri earlier this year. The people who found it were kind enough to mail it back to Chadbourn.

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