Locals react to study that says sea levels on the rise

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Scientists say rising temperatures worldwide could soon lead to rising tides in and around the Port City.

Residents are concerned and so are scientists. They say it could happen as early as 2030.

Researchers say if global warming continues at its current rate through the year 2100, at least 1,100 hundred cities and towns, including Wilmington will most likely be under water at high tide.

“The prospect is scary, but it’s still a wonderful place to live,” said Owen Wexler.

Wexler and his family have always lived near the coast. He says he isn’t surprised by the recent study by The National Academy of Sciences.

“I believe it is rising. I don’t believe it’s going to impact me enough, but it will impact maybe my children and my grandchildren in a very negative way,” said Wexler.

Wexler’s granddaughter is a recent UNCW graduate. She says the issue of global warming is something people of all ages should be concerned about.

“It’s kind of hard to debate it. I don’t really understand people who say they just don’t believe in global warming. Science isn’t something that you believe. It’s something that you prove or disprove,” said Jeffrianne Gutsin.

The National Academy of Sciences say prior carbon emissions have already locked in four feet of future sea level rise.

The study based its findings off of sea level rise for each degree rise in global temperature.

If the computer models are correct, the Wilmington riverfront could be underwater as soon as 2030.

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