A look back at your first Tweet as Twitter turns 8

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The social media company that made its mark by limiting users to 140 characters turns eight today.

Back on April 2, 2009, that WWAY sent our first Tweet. It said:

So what about you?

“It was to my best friend, and it said, ‘It’s not even a real limp,” Twitter user Courtney Goins said, but she doesn’t even remember it.

“‘Coffee rules everything around me,'” Whitney Young was reminded of her first Tweet. So does it still apply? “Yes, it’s possible.”

Edge of Urge is a clothing store in downtown Wilmington. The store’s marketing director Michael Ussery says Twitter has become an important part of how they market their business.

“Twitter has become a real-time communication,” he said. “People go online and they tweet us instead of sending us an email, they will tweet us a question or tweet us a thank you.”

Twitter says about 500 million Tweets are sent a day by more than 241 million monthly active users. That’s one of the reasons Ussery says his store tweets multiple times a day.

“We’ll tweet out new shipments coming in or anything that is happening around the store, just to generate some conversation,” Ussery said. “We are real humans doing real jobs. It’s not just a machine doing everything online.”

And if you are wondering what is the most re-tweeted image, well it’s this selfie that Ellen DeGeneres posted during the 2014 Academy Awards. It has been retweeted more than three million times.

If you want to get in on the fun to see what you first Tweet was, click here.

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