Major fast food restaurant chains to soon open in Whiteville

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) –The city is welcoming a couple of new major fast food chains that will be opening soon.

A “Cook Out” and a combination “Dunkin’ Donuts” with a “Baskin Robbins” are being constructed on the U.S. 701 bypass on J.K. Powell Boulevard. The two restaurants are expected to open before July. Earlier this year, a Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ restaurant, and a new KFC location opened on the same road. Whiteville’s Planning Director Robert Lewis thinks the city will see an increase in visitors as more businesses come to the area

“The reasons for the businesses locating, we’ve got the 701 widening project, it’s a DOT project. They’ve invested money to do the widening project here in the city, and also the traffic that is located off of highway 74, and so we get that traffic that’s going to the beach, and Whiteville is just really poised for new growth at the moment,” said Robert Lewis, Whiteville planning director.

Lewis also says a “Starbucks” will also be joining the list of new businesses on the way. It will be located next to the Smithfield Chicken and BBQ on J.K. Powell Boulevard.

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