Making Earth Day more than just today

Reduce, reuse, recycle…concepts many pledge to live by on this year’s Earth Day.

The fight for a cleaner environment sometimes comes from a small source, like the students at Murray Middle School in New Hanover County who spread the word about Earth Day among each other.

Students who are part of the Green Team hosted an Earth Day fair to encourage others to become more eco-friendly.

“If we preserve the Earth now, then we can stay here and make it better over more generations,” said 6th grader Savannah Fonvielle. “We are just trying to inform our age and older that if you don’t recycle then some things can happen bad.”

“We are trying to look at things a bit differently. Stop wasting so much; we don’t need new, new, new. We are trying to re-purpose and reuse things so that they don’t end up in a landfill,” said Murray Middle School teacher Damaris O’Connor.

Just about every student took the time to sign a pledge to make an effort to help better our environment.

Students at UNCW also used the day to sway some support for the Earth. Dozens gathered to share tips and ideas to inspire awareness and appreciation for our environment.

“It’s always important every time of the year, but on Earth Day in particular it’s good to draw everyone’s attention to it,” said Stan Hearts, UNCW’s Substantiality Committee Chair.

With money so tight these days, learning how to reuse or reduce our impact on the environment may not be a bad idea.

Just take a lesson from those kids at Murray Middle School.

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