Man gets DUI for allegedly riding horse while drunk with open container of alcohol

Horse (Photo: Dell Hancock)

(ABC NEWS) — A man has been arrested for driving under the influence while riding his horse with an open container of alcohol, police said.

Officer Brackett of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Merced, California – approximately 115 miles east of San Jose – was on duty when he noticed “a horseback rider carrying an open container of alcohol,” said CHP Merced in a post on social media.

Officer Brackett approached the rider and, after a short investigation which led the police officer to suspect the individual was impaired by alcohol, he arrested the suspect for a DUI, authorities said.

“It’s worth noting that, according to California Vehicle Code 21050, the rules of the road apply to those operating animals on the highway,” CHP Merced said in their statement detailing the incident.

In what officials called a “display of true compassion,” Officer Brackett subsequently ensured the safe return of the horse to its origin after the arrest of the horseback rider.

Even though nobody was hurt during the incident, California Highway Patrol officials took the opportunity to remind people of the dangers while driving impaired on any kind of transport.

“This incident serves as a reminder that impaired riding, even on a horse, poses risks to both the rider and others on the road. We commend Officer Brackett’s dedication to upholding safety standards in all situations,” CHP Merced said. “Let’s continue to prioritize responsible and sober actions on our roadways.”

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