Man saves two girls from ocean using recently-installed Life Safety Rings

(Photo: Southport Fire Department)

CASWELL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A bystander at Caswell Beach came to the rescue of two young girls struggling in the ocean this weekend.

According to the Southport Fire Department, a man used the recently-installed Life Safety Rings by the Jack Helbig Foundation to bring the girls back to shore.

The department says the girls were in danger and screaming for help. 911 was called, but the girls had already been rescued by the man when Southport Water Rescue Units arrived.

The man’s wife, Christine Kuznezov, says, “My husband noticed two young girls struggling to swim far out in the ocean yelling for help. He ran out to save them since he is a swimmer. The waves were strong. Other dads followed and one grabbed the ring. My husband was able to grab her and let her use that to hold onto so he could grab the other girl and bring them both in. He said if he had waited another minute those girls wouldn’t have made it. So it did help him. Treading water and holding them up with waves going over their heads. The ocean isn’t something to mess with. I’m super proud of my husband.”

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