Man’s wrong turn helps save a life

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For Christian Ludwig, it was a pretty great Monday for him. The only hiccup? He missed his turn to get home.

“I was coming back on Wrightsville Avenue and I missed my turn to cut off towards the University and so I had to take Rose Avenue instead,” Ludwig said.

That’s when fate happened. Ludwig happened upon a serious motorcycle accident.

“He hit that car right on his bike and that pressure pretty much crushed his entire foot and it was profusely bleeding,” Ludwig said.

The driver of the motorcycle was losing blood fast from his leg, so Ludwig sprung into action before things could get worse.

“So I had the idea to just take off the man’s belt and I just used it as a tourniquet at that point to make the bleeding stop,” Ludwig said.

Once he applied the tourniquet, Ludwig and an elderly couple then worked to keep the motorcyclist calm until emergency services arrived. But how did he know how to apply a tourniquet?

“War movies,” he said. “It’s just common sense in my opinion.”

Like a scene out of an action movie, Ludwig is being hailed a hero on line and in real life for saving one mans life and just like a true hero he says he was just doing the right thing.

“I think any good person would at least pull over to see if anyone needed help,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig is now hoping he can find out how the man is doing. He doesn’t remember his name and is hoping he can get in contact with the motorcyclist somehow, someway.

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