Many people prepare to pull out their grills for Memorial Day weekend

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) –Whether it’s charcoal or gas, many people pull out their grills on Memorial Day Weekend.

With COVID-19 restrictions loosened, more people are eager to get together for outdoor activities, and that includes grilling.

With the dry conditions, comes an increased fire risk. the Wilmington Fire Department is offering safety tips for grilling.

“Don’t walk away from them when they’re lit. Clean your grill after each use, this will remove grease, which can start a fire, and then place the coals from your grill in a metal can with the lid, once they have cooled. That’s a big thing, you got to make sure you dispose of them correctly,” said Sean Weber, WFD probationary firefighter.

The Piggly Wiggly in Leland saw a rush of shoppers picking up supplies over the Memorial Day weekend.

One shopper said he plans to grill this weekend, and thinks many other people will too.

“I could just see looking at the carts, that people are buying for a big, …you know for hosting, you know, and like you look at somebody’s cart, you’re like well that’s not all for just a family. You know, that’s for more people,” said Mark Smith, shopper.

Store employees said people were spending big in preparation for the weekend.

“Like it will be like hundreds of dollars in meat, and then chips, and hotdogs, ” said Cassidy Hunt, store employee.

“Soda’s , sauce’s, hot sauce’s, Jabba Sauce, whatever sauce, barbecue, everything honey,” said Mya Harrison, store employee.

“It seems that everybody’s sort of loosening up a little bit, and I would say they’re very much looking forward to having people over and hosting again. I think it’s great,”  said Smith.

Many local fire departments are advising people to avoid open burning, as there is an increased risk, with it being dry outside.

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