Marathon bombing impacts Boston native

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Boston Marathon Bombing has had far-reaching effects, including here in our area.

One local chef called Boston home for three decades. He says he was heart-broken by yesterday’s horrific events.

“It’s everything. It’s the community. It’s the people. It’s where you’re from, too. It’s a part of you,” Charlie Blake said.

Blake is the exexutive chef at Havana’s in Carolina Beach. He lived in Boston for nearly 30 years and has many memories.

“There are always lots of people in town for the marathon lining the streets, handing out cups of water and stuff to the runners. I think you have 27,000 runners that run that race,” he said.

Blake says he loves Boston and has no doubts that the city will bounce back from this act of violence.

“I think, it’s disgusting,” Blake said. “I mean, I hope more than anything that they find whoever did this and that they bring them to whatever they consider justice. Whatever the law says needs to be done is definitely what needs to be done.”

Blake said that he had a hard time getting in touch with some of his family members, but he credits social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for making sure everybody was OK.

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