Marine Homecoming

It is tearful reunion for family members this weekend as thousands of marines return home.
Friends and family wait in anticipation as the marines arrive by sea and air.

Sgt. Dustin Hodges, who just returned from his 6 month long deployment says, “I’m just happy to be home. I have a baby son now.”

Sgt. Hodges isn’t the only one who will see his new baby for the first time.
Petty Officer William Neason’s daughter was born in March.

He describes seeing his baby girl for the first time as “utter joy. I’ve seen a few pictures of her, but they do not show the detail, the true beauty of her.”

Today was the first time he held his daughter in his arms and touched her tiny hands.

Neason says, “it was really hard being away when she was born and I’m overjoyed to be here with her now.”

Neason is also overjoyed to be with his wife and son as he hugs them both.

For the time being, the family is together and making the most of every moment.
Neason says, “It’s good to be home. I’m happy to see my family, but not looking forward to leaving again.

The troops know it won’t be long until the next deployment.

The marines were on a six-month deployment to Africa, Kuwait and Jordan.
Their mission was to keep stability in these countries.

2,200 troops were deployed six months ago and all 2,200 are returning home this weekend.

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