Marine charged with making bomb threat at ILM

One Camp Lejeune Marine may be facing federal charges after making a bomb threat at ILM last night.

Private First Class Nicholas Hanke was traveling home to Charlotte for nine days on a US Airways flight out of Wilmington.

Officials say he boarded the flight and started threatening the passengers, screaming “this aircraft is going to blow up.”

When flight attendants and the pilot tried to remove him from the plane, he assaulted them, as well as law enforcement officers. Officials say he appeared intoxicated.

“Our warning is, as it’s always been, with the current state of the world regarding terrorism, these are serious matters, these jokes are taken seriously by the airport, by the department of homeland security, and TSA, so our warning is, don’t joke around,” said Gary Broughton of ILM Airport.

The airport rescanned all the baggage on the flight as a precaution, delaying passengers by a little more than an hour.

Hanke is being held at New Hanover County Jail under $5,000 secured bond.

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