MARKING HISTORY: Civil War vet William Loring travels and fights for Egyptian Army

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Military heroes appear regularly in history books, but there are few tales that closely resemble that of Wilmington-born William Loring. 

Born in 1818, his family stayed in the Port City for only a short time, moving to Florida when he was just four. Young William seemed to have a flare for fighting, taking up arms at the young age of 14 to fight in skirmishes that would lead to the Seminole Wars. This began the start of a military career that would span five decades. 

He led men into battle as a major in the Mexican War, losing his arm in a battle at Chapultapec. After fighting for the United States, he would soon lead battles for the Confederate Army during the Civil War, earning the nickname "Old Blizzards" for his style. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of Loring's legacy came when he uprooted himself and dedicated his services to the Egyptian Army. In 1869, the Egyptian leader enlisted the help of fifty Civil War veterans to help defend their lands. 

Loring stood command in the defense of Alexandria for ten years, before returning to America. He wrote a book entitled, "A Confederate Soldier in Egypt" upon his return.

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