MARKING HISTORY: Henry Bacon; Lincoln Memorial architect

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — On Third Street in downtown Wilmington, there’s a small memorial to a man who made his name designing memorials. That man is Henry bacon, who lived in Wilmington and designed the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

Bacon called the Wilmington area home from 1876 when moving here as a child, until he died in 1924. During that time he became a prominent architect who worked on project up and down the East Coast.

In 1911, he received the commission for the Lincoln Memorial, which would become his most widely known work. He design called for a large 100-foot tall Greek temple, composed of marble and it’s iconic Doric columns.  

Initially, these plans were questioned by some – who thought it would be out of character for the humble Lincoln. Even so, his plans came to life over the course of ten years, and when the memorial was completed, it received great acclaim and numerous awards.

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