Mayor responds to WPD recorded statement: ‘They’re very cautious in this.’

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — On Thursday Wilmington Police released a pre-recorded press conference on the case of Stephanie Mayorga and Paige Escalera, the two women who went missing in April.

The press conference detailed the cause of the fatal accident involving the two women.

The problem–the press conference excluded the press, preventing any further questions to be asked.

Following the release of the conference, WPD told WWAY they would not be holding any further interviews as the case was closed.

On Friday during the City of Wilmington’s announcement to extend the state of emergency, WWAY’s Sydney Bouchelle asked Mayor Bill Saffo his thoughts on this and what it says about transparency.

Mayor Saffo said the question would be more suitably directed at the police chief, but he said transparency is important.

He says he recognizes this has been a point of discussion for the city, so the faster information can be shared with the public the better.

But he says there are protocols in place.

He says it’s important for the information to be gathered from the coroner’s office and other points of the investigation, so that WPD is prepared to answer questions on what happened.

“We do not want to get out there and say something or do something that we invariably have to go back and revisit,” Saffo said. “I think they’re very cautious in this one. Obviously, I think to everybody, this is a mystery.”

He says one strange thing is there seemed to be no signs of an accident. The marsh area seemed to be undisturbed.

Saffo says he thinks we could see more information on this case as it’s received, but on Thursday WPD told WWAY the case was closed.

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