Mom says daughter sexually assaulted by three classmates, wants school board to take action

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A day after a mom speaks out about the rape of her child another Columbus County mom is speaking out saying the school district did little after her daughter was sexually assaulted by her classmates.

Kim Coston says her 12 year-old daughter was sexually assaulted numerous times at Acme-Delco Middle School back in October. The mom says her daughter was attacked by her fellow classmates. Coston says her daughter had been picked on repeatedly by three boys but then one day the bullying turned into assault while her daughter was in the gymnasium.

“The boys proceeded to touch her breast, grab her in between her legs, to the point that one boy, as she put it, dry humped her to the point where she can feel his personal area, hard and pressed to hers, “said Coston. “Then they just stopped when they got whatever arousal out of it. They turned around and walked away and went on and played.”

Coston says her daughter has not been the same since, adding that she was then bullied by other girls after reporting her attack.

“She attempted suicide,” Coston said. “She has nightmares and is going on medication tomorrow.”

Coston has since moved her daughter to a different school but she’s hoping the Columbus County School Board will change the way it handles victims and their attackers.

“I don’t think it’s right that our kids are going to school with predators even though they’re the same age. The School Board needs to step up and take action,” said Coston. “Take those children out; I don’t care how old they are. Take those children out and make it a safe place for our children.”

WWAY tried contacting the school board today but we were told by one board member that the chairman is the one designated to speak with the media. So far we have not heard back from him.

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