Moral Monday gives voters a voice

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Folks from many races and religions were out in downtown Wilmington in support of Moral Monday.

A rally that billed itself initially as one about voting rights turned into a rally about equality of all types.

Community leaders, including those from Cape Fear Equality, the Cape Fear Riverkeeper and the NAACP spoke about gaining that equality through a voice at the ballot box.

Folks expressing their displeasure with legislators in Raleigh and what they saw as a regression in legal rights.

What they hope, they said, is that folks in Raleigh hear them .

“I think it puts our legislature on notice,” said Louise Miller, a former educator and supporter of the rally. “And I hope what it does is it brings together all the elements who want to see change and I hope they go to the polls in November.”

This type of rally has been held across the state and is sponsored by the NAACP.

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