More than one hundred rally at Thalian Hall on the eve of the impeachment vote

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A large crowd gathered outside Thalian Hall on Tuesday ahead of the impeachment vote.

“I’m beginning to feel that we have sold our constitution and our democracy,” rally participant Dee Obelenus said. “And I thought our democracy was not for sale.”

The “No One is Above the Law” Rally demanded the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump.

“The people that will stand up will make a difference,” New Hanover County resident Kim Hatfield said. “No one is going to come and save us, we have to do it ourselves”

Participants were overwhelmingly those who supported the impeachment, but the president did have a few supporters among the crowd.

Although, one activist says it’s not about being republican or democrat.

“This is an issue of the constitution,” Devon Scott said. “And we simply cannot get more non partisan than that.”

The New Hanover County Republican Party disagrees.

“The Mueller Investigation exonerated President Trump,” party representative Betty Vermillion said. “They’ve been looking for a crime the entire time he’s been in office.”

Vermillion says she has no complaints about the president. She believes the entire process has been unfair.

“He’s done an incredible job,” she said. “I appreciate everything he does.”

She continued to say no good has come from the hearings.

“It’s bad for the country and it’s a political impeachment,” Vermillion said.

And it would appear, both parties could agree–

“What’s happening today is going to be a chapter in a textbook in years to come,” civics teacher Chris Meek said.

The impeachment vote is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18.

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