Moving costs continue to rise with gas prices

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — As gas prices inch closer to five dollars a gallon, the cost of moving to and from the Cape Fear Region has gone up significantly.

Junkluggers Moving is a family owned company in Leland, moving 3 to 4 houses a day on average. Their trucks get 8 to 10 miles to the gallon, and because of high diesel prices, cost more than 250 dollars to fill up.

According to Operations Director Ian Myers, that’s limited the number of smaller, local moves they can take.

“It just makes it harder and harder for us to do that at a reasonable price, because it costs money to go from Leland to Southport and back,” he explained. ‘Our minimums have had to go up just to counter the rising cost of fuel.”

Move estimates are typically based off weight and distance. The rate of fuel surcharge (the rate the state allows companies to charge based on the price of gas) has doubled in just a year. Myers says that cost has hit moving companies and customers hard.

“Long distance is definitely where it’s hitting the most,” he continued. “And a truck that’s getting 8-10 miles a gallon, at five to six dollars a gallon its definitely increased the cost, which a lot of it just ends up getting passed on.”

And Junkluggers isn’t alone. Many local moving companies have had to raise prices to keep up. In a survey of local moving companies, the cost of moving a third floor one bedroom apartment from Leland to Greenville, SC ranges from $3,200-$5,100 right now.

“Whenever he called places, it was well over five grand each time,” said Amanda Herbert. She and her family of six quickly opted to move themselves after estimates for moving their house.

“It’s just been a lot,” she sighed.

The Herberts rented four UHauls, but even without the movers, gas brought the family’s move to $5,000 and days of work.

“We saved thousands of dollars by doing it ourselves, even though it was a lot of work with four children. But with having to fill up gas tanks for UHauls, having to rent storage units, it still added up quickly.”

According to state researchers, hundreds of thousands of people move to North Carolina each year. The summer is peak moving season, and nationally, moving costs are up by more than 20 percent on average.

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