EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Mowing into Greatness

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A lot of kids mow lawns during the summer months to get a little extra spending cash while they are out of school. We found two boys in the Cape Fear who are doing it for folks who can’t mow on their own.
WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces us to our Extraordinary People of the Week who just hit a major milestone.

The Oak Island Senior Center has a new look and it is courtesy of two boys with big hearts. “We just help people,” Stone Dennis told Daniel Seamans.  “(We’re)Helping the disabled and elderly,” his brother Dayne added.

The two are mowing lawns in Brunswick County as a way to give back to the community.

“We mow people’s, elderly people’s lawns for them so if they can’t mow, we mow them for them,” Stone said.

Tuesday was a big day for the two. “2-3 lawns a day, sometimes one, today will be 50,” Dayne said.

The 50th lawn just happens to be at a place that hosts folks 50 and older.  “How does it make you feel? Great,” Stone said of mowing the lawn at the Oak Island Senior Center.

For the past two summers, Stone and Dayne Dennis have been the ‘Raising Men Lawn Care Service of Southport, volunteering lawn care for people in Brunswick County in need of some help.

“(We do)Weed wacking, mowing the lawns, picking up branches, or raking in the fall,” Dayne said. “My mom saw it on Facebook, so she said we could start this so she wanted to start raising me lawn care service too, and the guy said okay.”

Donna Martindale is their mother. She saw a post from a man in Alabama who had started the nationwide project and got the green light to start it in the Cape Fear. “It’s teaching them to go out and talk to people and interact with them,” Donna said.

Mom supervises and helps out too. “It makes me feel good,” she said. “I’m glad they are out here doing this not just in the house playing games.”

Stone and Dayne Dennis aren’t just playing games. They are making a difference. And not just in a yard….but in a community. That makes you(two), EXTRAORDINARY!

The founder of the 50 Yard Challenge says that after the kids complete their 50 yards, they fly to them, do lawns with them, present them new shirts and certificates and also brand new mowers .

Check out their Facebook page, here!

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