National Pawn donating more than 100 band instruments to D.C. Virgo

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — National Pawn owner Bob Moulton is donating more than 100 instruments to the D.C. Virgo Academic Academy band program to help budding musicians. In addition, National Pawn will present a check for $2,000 to the New Hanover County Schools to off-set future repair and maintenance costs for their instruments. A ceremony will be held at 1 p.m., Wednesday at the D.C. Virgo Academic Academy, 813 Nixon St. in Wilmington. Officials from the superintendent’s office, the school board and the Blue Ribbon Committee will be on hand to accept the gift.

“I am a proud former ‘Band Geek’ who knows first-hand what it is like to want to learn how to play, but not have an instrument,” Moulton said. “My parents could not afford to buy or rent me a new instrument so my first instrument was a beat up cornet purchased at a yard sale for $15. It was barely adequate to say the least. A year later I was able to purchase a better one at a pawn store in Durham. I want to help as many students as I can to realize their dreams of becoming musicians.”

Cuts in education budgets continue to shrink the arts programs especially hard for the past several years.

Moulton and National Pawn conduct an annual donation of instruments to the three Triangle school districts. Last year he donated a total of over 400 instruments and $6,000 to the districts. In addition to the Triangle, this is the first year the program will be expanded to include the New Hanover County Schools. This will put this year’s donation to over 500 instruments and $8,000 cash.

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