Navassa’s town administrator and finance officer resigns; State treasurer concerned with “serious operational issues”

Council plans meeting for next week

NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) – The Town of Navassa has had its share of controversy, and now more troubles for the town of a little more than 1,200 residents.

Friday was the last day on the job for Claudia Bray, who serves as Navassa’s town administrator and finance officer.

North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell voiced his concerns over the leadership of the town in an email sent out on May 20, his main concern is replacing the town’s finance officer

But that’s not all — Folwell also wants the town to create a transition plan for a new finance officer — adopt an annual budget and assign a second person to write checks and handle the town’s bank account.

WWAY sat down with Bray on Friday.

“There’s a lot of going on you’re right,” said Bray. “I submitted my resignation.”

The council attempted to hold meetings to address the issues mentioned, but they haven’t had enough members to have a quorum, according to the council members we spoke with Friday, they blamed in-fighting.

Councilwoman Ida White Dixon represents District one of the town.

“They came in here, the three of them knowing that they could not have an agenda meeting, or have a regular meeting without four, people, members being present,” said Dixon.

“If they don’t’ put their differences aside and stop the politics, I can see the town like the Titanic, it’s going to sink.,” said Bray.

Bray won’t be going too far, she shared her plans for the future with WWAY.

“I’ve accepted a position as a management specialist, I will be supporting the Town of Bolton, and I currently work for the Town of Sandyfield as the town clerk and the finance officer,” said Bray. “So, I’m looking forward to that opportunity.”

Bray starts her new role on Monday.

According to Folwell’s email to the town – the governing board, “must have someone appointed by the end of Friday, without a finance officer the town won’t be able to write checks.

A locksmith was called out to change locks on a storage pod that holds sensitive documents – according to Councilman James Hardy – just in case the town is still without a person authorized to write checks.

Town employees should be fine for now, according to Dixon – as of Friday, payroll has been taken care of until the next pay period, and the council plans to set up a meeting sometime next week.

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