NC assistant principal suspended after video shows employee with knee on student’s neck

Classroom desks (Photo: Pixnio)

CARY, NC (AP) — A North Carolina high school employee has been suspended after a video appeared to show the employee placing a knee on a student’s neck while breaking up a fight, according to the school’s principal.

Panther Creek High School Principal Greg Decker said in a letter that staff responded to a fight between students during lunch on Tuesday, news outlets reported. Footage recorded by students and the school’s security cameras appeared to show a staff member trying to restrain a student by placing a knee on the student’s neck, Decker said.

A video of the incident was shared with school district leadership Tuesday evening, and an investigation was launched, Decker said. The unidentified employee is suspended from all duties during the investigation. Decker called the actions seen in the video “deeply concerning” and encouraged students and staff seeking support to reach out to school counselors.

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