NC Democrats voice concerns ahead of ‘Save America’ rally in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –  Dozens of state and local democrats gathered at 1898 Memorial Park, in opposition to the platforms and ideals of Representative Ted Budd and former President Donald Trump ahead of Friday’s “Save America” rally.

The North Carolina Democratic Party donning the phrase “This Budd’s Not for North Carolina” on the podium at a news conference.

Speakers included 7th Congressional District Democratic Party Chair Sonya Bennetone-Patrick, as well as candidates for the state and national level.

They all expressed concerns about Budd’s vote to overturn the 2020 election results last year.

“Congressman Budd and North Carolina Republicans standing with Trump today, are a direct threat to our democracy, and if elected, will continue to put the American values that so many veterans fought for in danger,” said Marcia Morgan, District 7 candidate for N.C. Senate.

They also spoke against his response regarding the insurrection of the country’s capital on January 6.

“The violent attacks on our capital on January 6, showed us that our democracy is not guaranteed, but Ted Budd, –he called it nothing, he said it was just patriots standing up,” said Amy Block Deloach, candidate for N.C. House District 20.

Speakers also urging people to vote in the upcoming election .

“They’re voices are going to be heard, as we promote affordable housing. Our children attending safe public schools, every school should have a resource officer,– every school should have a resource officer! They should be utilizing technology to keep our children and our teachers safe. Human rights and dignity are on the ballot,” said Charles Graham, congressional candidate for District 7.

“In November, the dignity of the united states is on the ballot, and the world is listening. We the people can make the change,” said Sonya Bennetone-Patrick, NC Democratic Party 7th Congressional District Chair.

Democratic representatives from New Hanover and Brunswick counties were also at the  press conference, providing information on what will be on the November election ballot.


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