NC Insurance Commissioner asks insurance companies to waive pre-authorizations to help hospitals

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —COVID-19 cases are growing across the state. As many seek treatment, there are now concerns surrounding health insurance.

Debunking myths surrounding insurance coverage and COVID-19, NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey says he is in constant communication with health insurance companies, and none have mentioned increasing premiums for people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We have not had any requests, we have not seen any rate increase progress, the only rate increase repress we’re dealing with right now is concerning homeowner’s insurance, and that’s a long involved process that will continue throughout much of this fall,” said Commissioner Mike Causey.

He says his office has not seen an increase in people filing complaints about their insurance companies not covering treatment they received for COVID-19, but they do have people disputing high hospital bills.

“We’ve gotten involved and talked with the insurance companies, and hospitals, and the policy holder, and many times we find out that it was just and error in the filing or the coding, and people have had some substantial claims paid by the insurance company, that they thought they were going to have to pay out of their pocket,” said Commissioner Causey.

Commissioner Causey says he did make one request to health insurance companies, in an effort to ease hospitalizations.

“I have reached out to the health insurance companies, and I’ve asked them to please waive what they could, any pre-authorizations to make more hospital beds available. If they’ve got somebody that needs to go to managed assisted living, managed care, help expedite things,” said Causey.

Causey says health insurance companies he spoke with are in agreement with his request and he advises people to contact their local insurance agent or the state’s department of insurance if they have any questions or concerns regarding insurance policy coverage.

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