NC schools say new class size requirement will strain resources

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In a typical Brunswick County Schools kindergarten, first grade, second grade, or third grade classroom, you will find anywhere from 20 to 24 students.

School District spokeswoman Jessica Swencki said that may change in next year.

“The state budget bill in 2016, section 8.33, actually changed the class size requirements,” she said.

The law puts a cap on class sizes at 18 for kindergarten, 16 for first grade, and 17 for second and third grade.

Swencki said that the new restrictions will put a strain on the school’s resources.

“We would have to find 47 teachers who are highly qualified, and meet our standards, and we would have to actually prep a site to bring in modular units, because we don’t have classrooms,” Swencki said.

That is why, she said, administrators and teachers have been reaching out to legislators to push House Bill 13.

If passed, the proposed legislation would allow schools to go over the caps by three to six students within the first two months of school.

“It allows us a little more flexibility,” Swencki said.

Representative Frank Iler said the educators’ cry has not gone unheard.

“House Bill 13 would be helpful,” he said. “It appears to give a little bit more leeway as far as class sizes, so I’m a cosponsor on it.”

Now, Swencki just hopes the rest of the General Assembly agrees. For that to happen, she said, the bill still has to go to a committee and then, the house floor.

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