NC woman sentenced to drug and firearms offenses, buying guns for gang members

A Rocky Mount woman sentenced for drug and firearms offenses concering buying guns for gang members (Photo: MGN)

RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — A Rocky Mount woman was sentenced yesterday to 71 months in prison for conspiring to distribute heroin and fentanyl and conspiring to make false statements during the purchase of firearms.

On February 10, 2022, Vernisha Suggs pled guilty to the charges.

“We are not just prosecuting those who pull the trigger,” said U.S. Attorney Michael Easley. “We are also targeting those who supply the crime guns fueling violence in our communities.”

According to court documents and other information presented in court, Suggs, 35, engaged in a conspiracy from 2018 through 2020 to purchase numerous firearms on behalf of Bloods gang members from federally licensed firearms dealers in Rocky Mount.

Though Suggs completed paperwork during each purchase attesting that she was purchasing the firearms for her own use, she would then transfer possession of the firearms to local Bloods gang members.

One of these handguns was recovered after being used in a gang-related shootout at 1041 Long Avenue in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on July 28, 2019.

Several other firearms that Suggs purchased were recovered from Bloods gang members during traffic stops or search warrants conducted during investigations into other shootings and drug trafficking activity.

Suggs also assisted Bloods gang members in their effort to distribute fentanyl and heroin throughout Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

Suggs’ Rocky Mount residence was used as a meeting spot for out of state drug suppliers to bring deliveries of fentanyl/heroin mixtures.

She also provided a rental vehicle that was used in an attempt to transport a mixture of fentanyl and heroin from New York back to the Rocky Mount area.

“Anyone that knowingly puts firearms into the hands of dangerous, prohibited individuals is jeopardizing the entire community,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Bennie Mims. “The consequences can be severe for those involved in illegal firearms purchases.”

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