NCDOT presents intersection project alternatives

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A plan to transform a busy New Hanover County Intersection. The DOT presented the proposal for Eastwood and Military Cutoff roads to the Wrightsville beach community tonight. A project to make heavy traffic in and out of Wrightsville Beach a thing of the past.

We’ve got two alternatives that we brought today to the public to get public input and really to help us with our decision and what we’re going to move forward with,” David Leonard, DOT Division program team lead, said.

The project is a multi-million dollar development plan for the intersection of Eastwood and Military Cutoff roads and will take several years to complete. NCDOT says they are open to the public’s suggestions.

“We’ve narrowed it down to these two. We’re certainly open to public opinion and public input and that what we really came here tonight to get, is public input. But these are the two that we feel are the best that we brought to the public tonight and we hope to get input from the public on these,” Leonard said.

Some people are very excited to see plans for the area after years of dealing with traffic.

“Anything that’s going to make that traffic move better and with less interruption is going to work to the benefit of everyone. The alternative I like the best is the one that proposes the overpass,” Bill Sisson, a Wrightsville Beach citizen, said.

While others were concerned the project will be close to their homes.

“I think they need to do something with the traffic and that’s where I have to step back and think what’s good for the city, what’s good for the neighborhood, something has to be done. Just, you wish you could do it somewhere else and not where we are,” Marilyn McConnell, a concerned citizen, said.

NCDOT says one plan, the Northwest Quadrant Design could cost up to $8,000,000 while the single point Urban Interchange could cost up to $28,000,000.

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