NCDOT says they want to be ‘proactive, not reactive’ in issues with I-140 connector construction

OGDEN, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Department of Transportation wants to make it clear they are more than willing to correct issues caused by any of their construction sites.

A resident in the Courtney Pines neighborhood raised concern over the I-140 connector causing drainage issues in the neighborhood on Wednesday.

Alex Stewart, NDCOT Resident Engineer, says they are actively in the communities impacted by their construction and met with the Courtney Pines Homeowners Association just last Thursday to discuss drainage concerns.

“We actively try to reach out to our communities and our neighbors for this project and try to get ahead and be proactive instead of reactive for any concerns, drainage, or the like,” Stewart said.

On Wednesday, The NCDOT shared guidelines on drainage studies that read, “It is not the responsibility of NCDOT to eliminate flooding on private property that is not attributable to acts of the agency or its representative.”

Stewart says he wants to clarify that this is not the stance that it seems the department has regarding these issues.

“There are certain provisions and policies in place where we can’t go outside or beyond our own right-of-way to do these projects, but if there is work that is required of us to correct a problem or condition that we created then I definitely want to have that conversation and make sure we right that wrong,” Stewart said.

Noting that nothing is perfect, Stewart says there have been some issues with the I-140 connection project that have been addressed and corrected, but nothing has been out of the realm of business as usual.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation will continue to monitor this project to make sure all problems are addressed as they arise, even after the project is completed.

For information on the project and contact information for the NCDOT, visit the project page.


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