Near-shore fishing offers chance to catch fish, view scenery

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH — You’ve got to admit it’s nice living near the water. There are so many things to do and our own Stephanie Beecken is on a mission to show you different ways you can have fun in the sun.

We’re off to go near shore fishing, but catching a fish is actually just a nice bonus on this trip.

Fortune Hunter Charters captain Jot Owens said, “We’re going to go off the ocean and look for some bonita and Spanish mackerel. The bonita are running about five to 20 pounds; Spanish are running about three to five pounds.”

Captain Jot and Stephanie were on a 23-foot boat that can hold up to about four people, plus the captain.

Near shore fishing is similar to deep sea fishing with one major difference: no sea sickness problems.

The crew will fish to about five to ten miles offshore.

The ride to the fishing spot can be just as fun as the actual fishing. Leaving the dock early you can see the sun come up, beautiful homes and wildlife.

Even if the fishing’s not good you’re on the water and it’s beautiful. And catching a fish is just a bonus.

Near shore fishing offers you a chance to catch some tasty fish and if you just want to go along for the ride the scenery is amazing!

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