Nearby drainage issue has Ploof Road reopening on hold

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A storm drainage problem on another piece of property is causing delays for the reopening of Ploof Road in Leland.

Leland Planning Director Gary Vidmar says they are not sure when the road will be open.

The storm drainage issue is unrelated to the Ploof Road project, Vidmar said, but construction on Ploof is stalled until the problem at the adjacent property is fixed.

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Vidmar says the NC Department of Environmental Quality is now involved

No word yet on when Ploof Road could reopen. The project was supposed to be done earlier this year, but weather delays pushed the completion date back to Feb. 9, then March 9. Last week Vidmar said the road should be back open by the end of this week.

Ploof has been closed just off US 17 past Aldi and Exxon for months.

The work includes construction of a traffic circle to connect Ploof, Tradeway Drive and the new road that runs from the Walmart shopping center to Aldi.

In an update back in January, Vidmar said once Ploof reopens, there is more work to be done at Ploof and US 17.

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