Neighborhood annexed by Sunset Beach, some residents upset

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — A group of Brunswick County residents who used to have Calabash mailing addresses have now been annexed by the town of Sunset Beach.

The town of Sunset Beach recently expanded its borders and in the process annexed the former Calabash neighborhood, Bonaparte Retreat.

Some residents aren’t welcoming the changes.

Residents of the Bonaparte Retreat subdivision said that they have lived in an unincorporated area of Brunswick County for years.

But a recent annexation by Sunset Beach has residents frustrated over new city taxes and having to change their postal addresses from calabash to Sunset Beach.

Many residents said the problems that will come from annexation will far out weigh the benefits.

Bonaparte resident Lucille Calise said, “I feel like it’s going to be a nuisance to everyone, having to change all of our checks, all of our banking information, every bill that we get everything is going to have to be changed.”

Bonaparte resident Kathy Marks said, “All of a sudden you get a letter one day that says, oh, you’re annexed and welcome to Sunset Beach. So what’s the benefit?”

The town clerk of Sunset Beach said their newest residents will now enjoy new services like, fire and police support and getting to vote in the town elections.

Like it or not the annexation is a done deal. What’s still left to decide is whether Bonaparte Retreat residents will need to change their addresses. The post office is in the middle of surveying residents to find out what they want to do.

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