Neighbors protest mixed-use developments proposed in Riverlights

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Dozens of neighbors in the Riverlights community are trying to sop more mixed-use development from coming in.

Some neighbors say the latest project proposals are not part of the master plan they were shown when they first moved in.

Several dozens residents protested outside Wilmington City Hall Monday, ahead of the Wilmington City Council meeting Tuesday night.

According to the City Council agenda, councilmembers will hear a proposal to amend the master plan for Riverlights and another proposal to rezone part of the area from residential to mixed-use zoning for a mixed-use center.

Resident say they’re not trying to stop the overall growth of the community, but they’re against certain types of developments going in.

Dawn Buboltz, who lives in Riverlights, says she would love to see more single-family homes or commercial shops. She doesn’t want to see mixed-use developments taking that space.

Some Mom and Pop stores, or things that we could walk to hat would benefit us,” she said. “Parks that we could go to and have concerts. That’s not what we’re against. It’s the high density, multi-family homes that will impact the lifestyle we bought into.”

City Council will meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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