Warrants reveal details in missing person case turned murder investigation

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After acquiring six search warrants and two arrest warrants, WWAY has new details about a missing persons case turned murder investigation.

Jacqueline “Lynn” Landreth had been missing from Bladen County since February 8 until the 24, when her body was found.

According to Detective Paul D. Rockenbach in search warrants, the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office got a tip that there could be a body off Klondyke Road in Columbus County.

Rockenbach found Landreth’s body after searching a dirt road, and spotting a black shoe sticking out of a ditch and then, “noticed that it was a deceased individual lying in the ditch.”

Rockenbach went through Landreth’s phone records, and noticed Timothy Cain had contacted Landreth the last day her family knew her to be alive.

They got search warrants for four properties:

  • 2456 Haynes Lennon Highway in Cerro Gordo, NC
  • 165 Bird Cage Estates in Chadbourn, NC
  • 230 Batten Burney Ln in Clarkton, NC
  • 270 Family Circle in Chadbourn, NC

And two vehicles:

  • Cain’s black 2013 Hyundai Equus
  • Landreth’s white GMC Sierra

Detectives also searched Cain upon arrest. All properties and vehicles were linked to Cain, according to the warrants.

While searching those locations, detectives reported finding guns, ammunition, blood, blonde hair, and other evidence.

According to the search warrants, Cain tried to sell the firearms he allegedly stole from Landreth. His customer did not buy the weapons, stating Cain made him uncomfortable.

Warrants state Cain also attempted to sell Landreth’s white GMC. According to search warrants, Cain brought a potential buyer to where he was allegedly storing the vehicle.

The potential buyer noticed it looked similar to Landreth’s car. When he asked why it looked similar to the missing woman in Bladen County’s car, Cain reportedly replied, “Never mind.”

Cain was arrested and charged with first degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon February 25.

Detectives believe Cain, along with co-conspirator Jamaal Green, robbed Landreth at gunpoint, taking her phone, money, weapons, and car, then shooting her.

Amanda Williams has also been charged as an accomplice in this investigation. She is accused of transporting the suspects to a safe place and storing evidence, according to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the search warrants, detectives found bags of bloody clothes in William’s bedroom while searching for evidence.

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