New Hanover Co. man searching for good Samaritan after wallet returned

A man is searching for a mystery good Samaritan after his wallet found its way back to him last week. 
Scott D Wallet
Scott DiSpirito is looking for the person who returned his wallet right to his front door last week. (Photo: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man is searching for a mystery good Samaritan after his wallet found its way back to him last week.

Scott DiSpirito went to Costco on Friday during a busy part of the day. When he left, he dropped his wallet, but he didn’t notice until he’d left. He went back to look, asking if anyone had turned it in, but found nothing.

DiSpirito says he keeps his whole life in his wallet, so he started to panic. He went home, surprised to find his wallet waiting on him, along with a note. Someone had used looked at his driver’s license to find his address and return the wallet.

“It just touched my heart that somebody would do that. And me and my personality, what I like to do is, when somebody does you right, you’re supposed to do them right,” DiSpirito said.

The mysterious good Samaritan left their number, but there was one problem, it was missing a digit. DiSpirito tried using the process of elimination but to no avail. He called and texted several numbers trying to figure out which one may belong to the person who returned his wallet, but no one claimed to be the good Samaritan or he found the numbers had been disconnected.

With no luck tracking them down, he reached out to WWAY.

“It’s been a week now and I still think about it,” DiSpirito said. “It’s bothering me that I can’t locate this person because that’s just who I am. That’s the spirit of Scott DiSpirito!”

Not only to find the person responsible and reward their good deed but to remind people there are still good in the world.

“To see somebody step up to the plate like that and just do the right thing in all the mayhem that’s going on and the anxiety we’re all feeling. Just the stress that we’re all dealing with on a daily basis, just what a great thing for somebody to do?” DiSpirito said.

Also, to remind folks that it may not be the best idea to keep all their important documents in the wallet they carry around each day.

If you are the person who found a wallet and would like to reach DiSpirito, send the newsroom an email at He does plan on asking some questions to verify the identity of the person who returned the wallet.

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