New Hanover Co. Sheriff warns of rise in vehicle break-ins at local parks

Car Break-in (Photo: Pixabay)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of vehicle break-ins at local parks.

According to a Facebook post, there has been an increase in vehicle break-ins in several of the New Hanover County Parks.
“Please remember to always secure valuables and never leave them in plain view inside your vehicle. Often, identity theft can occur when driver licenses and credit cards are stolen. It only takes less than a minute to break a car window, unlock the door and remove items left inside,” the post said.
The Sheriff’s Office recommend the below safety tips:
  • Lock valuables in the trunk of your vehicle and out of plain view before you arrive at your destination in case someone is watching you or casing the area.
  • Secure items such as: purses, wallets, laptops, cell phones, GPS or even a cup holder full of change. These items attract attention and make you more prone to becoming a victim. Leaving these items on the floorboard, under the seat or covering them does not keep them safe and can often broadcast that you may be concealing something of value in your car.
  • Park visitors should call 911 to report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities.
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