New Hanover County Democratic and Republican parties react to Biden’s 100-day speech

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Residents in New Hanover County shared their thoughts on President Biden’s first 100 days in office, and plans he proposed in his 100-day address to Congress.

New Hanover County residents say they hope Republicans and Democrats in Congress will come to terms During Biden’s presidential term.

“Change takes time, the pendulum swings back and forth to one extreme, and hopefully we get back into the middle a little bit,” said Julie, New Hanover County resident.

Biden’s proposal of “The American Jobs Plan” is $2.3 trillion. The funds would be used on infrastructure, job creation, and delivering clean drinking water to Americans, something Biden says will help with growth.

Andre Brown with the New Hanover County Democratic Party says they are in support of Biden’s achievements in office so far, and they are excited about his new proposed plans.

“I think that his address, I thought it went really well. I think he’s done a lot especially given the dire circumstances with the pandemic, that he inherited,” said Andre Brown, New Hanover County Democratic Party Chair.

Wayne Gibson with the New Hanover County Republican Party says the infrastructure proposal will hit Americans with $2 trillion in tax hikes, possibly lowering wages, and shrinking the country’s economy.

“Senator Tim Scott delivered the perfect and more convincing and honest rebuttal to the Biden address to congress. Senator Scott pointed out ‘common sense leads to common goals and solutions’, and right now we do not believe that even exists in Washington today,” said Wayne Gibson, New Hanover County Republican Party Executive Director.

The plans proposed by President Biden during his 100-day address total up to almost $4 trillion.

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