New Hanover County Emergency Management offers disaster prep tips at Survivor Day event

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Today, New Hanover County Emergency Management held an outreach event hoping to further prepare county residents for life-threatening disasters and situations.

New Hanover County Emergency management held its first “Survivor Day” event at Cape Fear Community College’s North Campus. Organizers say more than 20 families registered for the free event, and those who attended were able to learn how to live safely through natural disasters and other emergencies, like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and rip currents.

Anna McRay, assistant director of New Hanover County Emergency Management, said events like “Survivor Day” could possibly save lives.

“If we have folks that are just aware of the general hazards, and have a plan in place, no matter what, they’re going to be better prepared, and better able to respond, and then share that information with their families and neighbors,” said Anna McRay, assistant director of New Hanover County Emergency Management.

One man who attended the event said it was helpful being able to learn about steps you can take to ensure your safety in certain situations, alongside others in the community.

“The challenges that you have, is these things are unpredictable. Like he said in there, just because the weather service is predicting an inactive season this year, doesn’t mean anything. Something will happen somewhere, it always does. So, being prepared is most important,” said Bruce Brenner, attendee.

The “Survivor Day” event left attendees with tangible takeaways, allowing them to bring home items that will help them prepare for disasters and emergency situations.

“The intention is to be able to give everybody that attends a bag, that they can take home and kind of modify for their own family needs. So we’ll give them some basic resources to get them started. Some handout materials, you know. Some resources that they can take back to their family, and then add to so that their better prepared for any kind of emergency we might be facing,” said McRay.

New Hanover County Emergency Management plans to hold the “Survivor Day” event annually, to continue their outreach preparing residents for life-threatening disasters.

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