New Pender Co. Schools superintendent gets to work

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — When students in Pender County returned from Christmas break last week, their schools had a new leader. Superintendent Terri Cobb says she is excited about her new job and is ready for any challenges she will face.

“We went through and tried to make the move when I came in as seamless as possible,” Dr. Cobb said. “That was very important to the board, it was very important to me, and I think we’ve done that.”

The suspension of a popular principal and the drug arrest of a teacher were a couple of problems that made headlines for Pender County Schools last fall and caused tension with parents. Cobb says the relationship between the district and parents is not as bad as it may seem.

“I don’t necessarily describe the relationship as a bad relationship. I actually saw it as a very good relationship at this point. What we want to do is continue that, continue what is in place,” she said.

Cobb says community connectedness is one of her goals. Pender County parents hope the new superintendent means what she says.

“They’ll be first to ask for donations all day long, and it just irks me that they can ask for so much, but yet they don’t show any concern in my child’s learning experience whatsoever,” parent Amanda Osborne said.

School officials think cobb is the right choice to right these wrongs.

“It’s been a very smooth transition, and we appreciate Dr. Cobb’s leadership and the direction she’ll be taking Pender County,” Joyce Keith, Pender Co. Schools Community Director, said.

Cobb previously served as Chief of Staff for Wake County Public Schools. She hopes to apply what she learned there in Pender County.

“I will be focusing on achievement,” Cobb said. “We want to make sure that every child in Pender County receives the very best education possible, and so that will be our priority.”

Cobb plans to work with everyone from the teachers to the school board to make the Pender county School District the best it can be.

She will be paid $135,000 annually as part of a 3.5 year contract.

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