New traffic lights coming to NC 133

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Speeding and accident are not unusual on NC 133 in Brunswick County. But some changes are on the way that could make a big difference, especially for people who live in Mallory Creek and Westport.

“Two traffic lights. They want one here at the Westport intersection and they want one down by the Mallory Creek intersection,” Leland Mayor Pro Tem Pat Batleman said.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation says traffic lights need to be installed to help deal with traffic in the area and lower the rate of speeding and accidents. The developers of Mallory Creek have to put in the lights and Leland officials say this is a necessary change.

“At the present time, you’ve got all this traffic converging on this two lane highway. The speed limit’s 55. We’ve got the fire station there. So something had to give,” Batleman said.

Many people in the area says it would be a welcome addition to NC 133.

“It will control the speed a lot better. There’s that distance between the two is going to keep people from getting up to too fast a speed,” Westport resident Garry Vanover said.

“The community alone has 450 houses and they’re predicting 650. So, that’s a lot of cars to go in and out,” Mallory Creek resident Sylvia Ritchie said.

All they want is for their drive to and from home to be a little safer.

The developers of Mallory Creek are in the process of asking NCDOT to put up only one traffic light instead of two. Leland Mayor Pro Tem Pat Batleman says the new light will be up this year.

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