New Wilmington health facility aims to lower costs

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Do you have a high health insurance deductible? Are you tired of waiting hours to even see a doctor? If that’s the case, one New Hanover County medical practice is aiming to change up the game.

Promina Health opened up just a few days ago in Wilmington. Their overall goal is to cut down costs and wait times when it comes to getting the care you and your family need.

“To walk in the door and see him immediately and have a 45 minute to an hour appointment,” patient, Erin Soloman said. “Talk about everything from you know, what’s feeling wrong with you to nutrition, and your well-being as a whole person it’s a great deal.”

Founder, Dr. Brian Lanier says it is like a gym membership, you pay a monthly fee ranging from $20 to $74 dollars per individual depending on your age.

“Doing away with that insurance based high productivity time of a model, we can spend more time with patients and we can take care of them in a way that they can afford,” Lanier said. “That’s transparent, and there’s no surprises.”

Lanier hopes to cut down prescription costs, procedure costs, wait times, all while creating a relationship with his patients. Patients like Soloman say it’s worth it and a way to ensure her whole family is taken care of in a timely manner.

“A little skeptical of new things so this was different but, ya know when you think about it this was the way medical care was hundreds of years ago when the doctor would come to your house and see you, or you would go and see a doctor and not have to wait in the waiting room for 45 minutes before you’re triaged. And then you wait another 20 minutes for the doctors,” Soloman said.

Promina Health claims to offer a more affordable alternative to get what you need done with no co-pays or deductibles for visits. Dr. Lanier says there are several things included in the monthly fee.

“Dermatological procedures, GYN procedures, sutures, abscess,” Lanier said.

This service does not qualify as health insurance, Dr. Lanier says he highly recommends still having it.

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