New group formed to help owners of old houses

There’s a new support network for people who own historic homes and buildings in our area. Thursday morning, the Historic Wilmington Foundation introduced the New Preservation Resource Network.

The group is made up of area professionals in a variety of industries. It will give companies and homeowners a way to get assistance for renovation and preservation projects.

The network will also help people turn historic buildings into something functional.

“As well as federal and state tax credit work, which is what our consultants provide, and if we can broaden the network, which I believe we will, to have realtors and financial officials and insurance people, then we can provide the entire umbrella of services that a historic property would need. That’s the goal,” said George W. Edwards, the director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation.

If you are interested in joining the network, or have a project that could benefit from its services, you can contact the Historic Wilmington Foundation at 762-2511.

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