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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Tag: Abuse

White House aide resigns after allegations of spousal abuse

One of President Donald Trump's top White House aides resigned Wednesday following allegations of domestic abuse leveled against him by his two ex-wives.

‘Cult leader’ accused of murdering multiple children over decades

A Florida woman who police describe as a "cult leader" is accused of murdering multiple children over several decades.

Abusive Marine Corps drill instructor sentenced to 10 years

A Marine Corps drill instructor has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for abusing young recruits, especially Muslims, one of whom killed himself.

South Carolina cook who was allegedly enslaved by manager speaks

Chris Smith still cringes when he thinks about his time at the family-owned J and J Cafeteria in Conway. He said he was abused there.

45 animals seized in animal cruelty case; 3 found dead

A married couple faces multiple animal cruelty charges after county officials seized 45 animals from their North Carolina home.

Former members of NC church describe years of abuse, strict rules

Ex-congregants of the Word of Faith Fellowship say that they were regularly punched, smacked, choked, slammed to the floor or thrown through walls in the name of the Lord.

Guardians of the Children gives voice to children in need

Officials say nearly four million child abuse cases are reported each year.

ONLY ON 3: Man arrested for allegedly strangling Chihuahua

video For many people our pets are like our family and we mourn their loss very difficultly. What would you do if your dog was brutally killed?

ONLY ON 3: Abused man speaks out

video A Brunswick County man who claims he was abused is speaking out on behalf of all men who fall prey to domestic violence.

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‘It breaks my heart.’: Mother grieving after son’s grave desecrated

Thefts involving valuable metals are on the rise. Now, some thieves are taking things a step further, stealing bronze flower vases from gravesites and selling them for scrap metal. It's something one grieving mother is trying to keep from happening to anyone else.

‘Peer Fishin’ Festival’ returns to Ocean Crest Pier, raising the spirits of disabled veterans

After being cancelled for the past two years due to a hurricane and the pandemic, the Operation North State annual 'Peer Fishin' Festival' is back at the Ocean Crest Pier in Oak Island. 

New findings by North Carolina State University raise more concerns around PFAS’s in the Cape Fear

Four years ago, one of those chemicals (GenX) was found in our drinking water in the Cape Fear River. A recent study has given rise to more concern surrounding the 'forever chemicals'. 

Colorado school district investigating claims that teachers taped masks to students’ faces

School officials are investigating allegations that some students were made to tape their masks to their faces.