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Friends remember Judge Ola Lewis and her impact on community

Senior Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis died after losing her two year battle with a rare form of liver cancer.

AG honors 2 locals with Dogwood Awards for devotion to fix opioid crisis

NC Attorney General Josh Stein awarded 11 North Carolinians, including two from our area, who have helped in battling the opioid crisis with Dogwood awards.

Local opioid reform advocate invited to White House for presidential announcement

President Donald Trump is expected to declare the opioid crisis a "national emergency" and when he does a Brunswick County man will be there.

WWAY INVESTIGATES: The challenges addicts face trying to get help

A lot of people know opioid abuse is a huge problem across the Cape Fear. While there are task forces, quick response teams health organizations and other various efforts being made to combat the epidemic, another large issue is actually getting into rehab.

Brunswick Co. leaders request ‘public health emergency’

Brunswick County Sheriff John W. Ingram, V. and Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis, along with FED UP Coalition Policy Chair Don Flattery, and Amy Olson, Policy Advisor for the Brunswick County Opioid Addiction Task Force, submitted a letter to NC Governor Roy Cooper requesting that he declare the opioid addiction crises in North Carolina a public health emergency.

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