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Fourth-grader’s appeal to stop bullying goes viral

A 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl's video appeal to stop bullying is getting support from around the world, including from "The Wolverine" actor Hugh Jackman.

Bullied boy adopts kitty with same cleft lip, rare eye condition

7-year-old Madden and his new kitty share more than just a loving human-and-pet bond. They both have a cleft lip and eyes that are two different colors.

Proposed bill would fine parents $500 if their child is bullying others

State Rep. Frank Burns is proposing a bill that would hold parents accountable if their child is found to be bullying other children.

Area parents create Facebook group to combat bullying

Bullying impacts not just a child, but the whole family. In Brunswick County, some parents decided to do something about it.

Should schools be required to tell parents about bullying?

At least eight states currently have laws requiring that schools notify parents when their child is being bullied or is bullying other kids.

Dad punishes ‘bully’ son by making him run to school

After his son was kicked off the school bus for three days for bullying, a father in Virginia came up with an alternative way for him to get to school.

Girl goes under the knife to face off against bullying

You’ve heard of programs to stop bullying; now, parents are taking what some call extreme measures to stop it. Their kids are going under the knife getting cosmetic surgery.
Jonathan Martin playing for the San Francisco 49ers in 2014. (Photo: Jeffrey Beall / CC BY 3.0)

Bullied former NFL player detained, high school evacuated after threatening Instagram post

A law enforcement official says former Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin was taken into Los Angeles police custody after a threatening Instagram post.

Pender County 12-year-old helps others stand up against bullies

Bullying is a serious issue and it takes its toll on kids in different ways. However, for one Pender County student he uses bullying as motivation to make this world a better place.

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