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UPDATE: Carolina Surf Condos undergoing extensive repairs

An update now to a story WWAY has been following since last summer. Work on Carolina Surf Condos in Carolina Beach should finish in early 2019.

Carolina Surf Condos to reopen

A building that was once shut down in Carolina Beach due to structural damage is no longer condemned. The town says Carolina Surf Condos will reopen.

Carolina Surf Condos to be repaired, costs could top $1.8M

Two months after being condemned Carolina Surf Condos in Carolina Beach are still vacant. However, a decision has finally been made on their future.

Carolina Beach extends engineering deadline on condemned condos

The Carolina Surf Condominium homeowners association has a little longer to determine how badly the building has deteriorated and what can be done to stabilize it.

Fire at condemned Carolina Surf condos considered ‘suspicious’

A criminal investigation is underway after a fire at Carolina Surf Condos in Carolina Beach.

Condos at Carolina Beach evacuated and condemned

Carolina Surf condos are no longer deemed safe.

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