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Daycare owner charged in 6-month-old’s death

A six-month-old baby is dead and her day care provider is charged with manslaughter. Now, the baby's family is speaking out with a warning for other parents.

VIDEO: Mom crashes SUV to prove to kids that ‘God is real,’ police say

Police say a mother intentionally crashed her SUV into a pole to prove to her two small children that God is real.

Police: South Carolina dad withheld hearing aid from 8-year-old daughter

A South Carolina father is accused of child deprivation and neglect after allegedly withholding his 8-year-old daughter's hearing aid for more than two months.
richard morris

VA lawmaker Rick Morris indicted on 2 felony child cruelty charges

Morris is accused hitting his stepson with multiple objects, including a belt, a wooden spoon and a hose nozzle.

Mother arrested after father finds son starving in feces-strewn bathroom

The child's father discovered him in the feces-strewn bathroom with a few empty cans of beans. Court documents say the child weighed just 30 pounds.

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