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DA: Captive siblings’ journals may hold ‘powerful evidence’

The California siblings allegedly held captive and tortured by their parents kept journals that likely hold "powerful evidence" in the case, the district attorney said.

Horrific new details emerge in case of 13 captive siblings

The California parents accused of starving and shackling their 13 children allegedly forced them to shower only once a year, never took them to a dentist, and strangled and beat them routinely, prosecutors said today.

Grandparents of shackled children say ‘God called on’ parents to have 13 kids

The grandparents of 13 children allegedly abused and kept shackled to beds in their Southern California home said the parents had so many kids because "God called on them."

Police: Parents arrested after 13 siblings found captive, some in chains

Police in California say they rescued 13 siblings, aged 2 to 29, from a home where they were found chained to beds and malnourished, police say.

Police: Mom hit daughter with two-by-four for misspelling words

A Pennsylvania mother is charged with assault and child endangerment after she repeatedly hit her 9-year-old with a two-by-four, police say.

Parents arrested for allegedly trying to sell kids for drugs, money

Two California parents were arrested on suspicion of trying to sell their own kids in exchange for money or drugs, officials said.

Woman accused of tying plastic bag over 2-year-old daughter’s head

A woman appeared in court Monday after police said she tied a plastic bag over her daughter's head.
Penn State scandalvideo

Ex-Penn State administrators get jail time for failing to report Sandusky

Three ex-Penn State officials are getting jail time for failing to report now-convicted sexual predator Jerry Sandusky to authorities.

Cops: Dad locked toddler in cage, left day-old baby alone

A Pennsylvania man locked his 22-month-old son in a makeshift wooden cage and left the boy home alone with his two younger siblings, including a sister born hours earlier, police said Thursday.

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