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NYPD officer goes berserk over closing chocolate store in Connecticut

It was all caught on camera by an eyewitness who said they couldn't believe the woman - who was so angry that the shop was closing - was an off-duty cop.

Truck laden with chocolate goes up in flames on UK highway

LONDON (AP) - Traffic on a major highway in England has been disrupted for hours after a truck laden with chocolate bars burst into...

Wine and Chocolate Festival concludes

Today was the final day of the Wine and Chocolate Festival in Downtown Wilmington.

Hershey’s doubling size of Kisses with new hazelnut product

The new Kisses, on sale Nov. 5, will be twice the size of a normal Kiss and feature a hazelnut center and rice crisps in the chocolate.

Whip up some sweet treats for your love on Valentine’s Day

video Celebrating Valentine's Day with something sweet seems appropriate for the day that's all about love. But whipping up a few of those treats yourself can give your gift a unique touch, with a dash of delicious.

The Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival takes over

videoYou want some wine with that chocolate? Or vice versa? The Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival has you covered!

Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival kicks off Friday

video The Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival kicks off Friday, but you can get a sneak peek now and find out how to win tickets.

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